Elephant & Castle

68 Greenwich Ave (between W 11th St and Perry St, West Village)

Fatty Kat Eats: Eggs’n Apples Benedict on French Toast, Pureed Spinach with Poached Eggs, Melted English Cheddar and Potato Pancakes

One of my favorite and most relaxing weekend activities is having an early morning solo brunch. And by early, I obviously mean 9-10AM. That may not sound early to you, but fatties need their beauty rest! The city is a completely different place at that hour--food fresh and opportunities abound. 

In the running for one of my top feel good brunch spots, Elephant & Castle is down-to-earth and as far from fancy as possible. You don't go there for people watching. You don't go there for aesthetics. You go there because you want great homey food and can't waste your weekend at a diner. Nothing against diners--you know I love me some Hollywood Diner.

The darling of the brunch menu is clearly the Eggs’n Apples Benedict on French Toast. From your table, you hear servers repeatedly naming the dish as a favorite. This beauty combines brioche french toast, poached eggs, sliced apples and a dangerous hollandaise. You can also invite bacon to this party. Regardless, this is a must must must if you stop in for brunch. The blend of savory, sweet and tart flavors is like a Monet painting. You have no idea what's going on, but it's so damn beautiful. Keep in mind, this baby is only served on the weekends!

Eggs’n Apples Benedict on French Toast

The Pureed Spinach with Poached Eggs, Melted English Cheddar and Potato Pancakes is another star at Elephant & Castle. My server said, "trust me." So I went off the deep end and made a big fatty splash. The spinach was a lighter version of steakhouse creamed spinach. Mmmmm. I'm a huge fan of poached eggs, and these were cooked by an expert. The potato pancakes were thick, hefty discs of golden delight that reminded me of mashed potatoes rather than latkes.

Pureed Spinach with Poached Eggs, Melted English Cheddar and Potato Pancakes

You could also try the delicious Home Fries, but they won't change your life. Only make you fatter! :)

Home Fries

Steel-Cut Oatmeal Brûlé

The Steel-Cut Oatmeal Brûlé (with some "tooth") sounded interesting, so I conducted some fatty research and liked what I heard. The oatmeal was cooked al dente and brought full circle by adding milk at the table. I added the milk like I was told, but the oatmeal was still too grainy. I don't know what the rest of the world likes, but I like my oatmeal mushy. It also wouldn't hurt to add fresh fruit, nuts, raisins and most importantly, peanut butter. Check it out. I made this at work with a microwave. Call me Chef Fatty Kat. 

Chef Fatty Kat's Microwave Oatmeal

Elephant & Castle always has a bustling brunch crowd. I guarantee you see families, kids, gay couples, old people and groups of middle aged singles on your next visit. It's a hodgepodge of hungry people...my kind of people.


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