Bee's Knees Baking Co.

113 W 10th St (between Greenwich Ave and 6th Ave, West Village)

Fatty Kat Eats: Banana Cake and Peanut Butter Mousse Cake Cup

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I'm annoyingly loud and proud about being a West Villager. These quaint, tree-lined streets are scattered with phenomenal restaurants, adorable cafes, rustic bakeries, old school bars, fancy boutiques and good-looking people. What's not to love? So imagine my surprise when I realized how badly I overlooked one of these fine establishments.


Bee's Knees Baking Co. has been open for 10ish months! How did I not know about this place? This is especially worrying because my sweet tooth is the strongest part of my body. This bakery is cute in an industrial way. I love that there's nothing kitschy or fussy about it.

Bee's Knees is all about cake cups, which marry "the intricate, complex textures of traditional cakes with the quick, easy-to-enjoy experience of the cupcake." Makes sense. I really loved the small portion size, as well as the reasonable pricing: $3.75 for a 5-oz cup (think 2" diameter). Plus, they sell smaller "cake shots." Partayyy!

I ordered the Banana Cake and Peanut Butter Mousse and asked the sales guy to surprise me with one other cup. I was stuck between S'mores and Key Lime Cheesecake. He surprised me with both, and I only found this out once I got home. Thanks Mr. Cake Cup Man!


The Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Mousse was my favorite by far! I think it was a "special" cake cup, but I hope they keep it on the menu forever. The cake was super moist (yea, I know you guys hate that word) and full of banana flavor. And peanut butter mousse? You simply can't go wrong. The other 2 cake cups were also great and used a boatload of graham cracker crumbs. Me like. Next time, I would get the S'mores over the Key Lime Cheesecake.


I highly recommend you stop at this adorable bakery/dessert shop after your next meal in the area. It's a great alternative to restaurant dessert. And for all you guys out there, just remember, girls dig dessert. Feed them accordingly.


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