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Fatty Kat Eats: Heirloom Tomato Salad, Family Jewels Pizza, White and Greens Pizza

Roberta's was the last leg of a recent labor day trip to Boston and Cape Cod with my main fatty squeezes (follow them: @briesposito, @whosyourscatdaddy, @rbova and @malikazeinab). After lobster rolls, fish and chips and clam chowder galore, we had the perfect welcome back party in mind.


We were starving, so we ordered a pizza at the bar while we waited for a table. Thankfully, it was the Family Jewels Pizza. I swear, if I had any family jewels, they would look like this. The dough for all of Roberta's pizzas is SO next level and perfect--light, buttery, chewy and thin. Every bite tasted like it came right off the tomato vine. The cheese to topping to dough ratio was perfect! While the menu noted prosciutto breadcrumbs, I didn't taste any such breadcrumby goodness. The tomato flavors were that robust.

 photo 1

We also got a few starters, which ranged from mediocre to phenomenal. Let's start with the mediocre Romaine Salad with pecorino and candied walnuts. The creamy dressing had so much potential but didn't hit the spot with me (but it did with some of my friends). No particular flavors popped, and I'm usually good at picking out certain ingredients.

 photo 2

The starters got slightly better but took a weird turn with the Eggplant. Different types of eggplant, including my favorite Japanese eggplant, were steamed or roasted (not sure) and served with little bits of black olives and basil in a caesarish dressing. The purple vegetable also arrived with a bunch of microgreens; my fave. Unfortunately, the dressing just didn't do anything for anyone. The combination of ingredients didn't come together well, but individually, the flavors were pretty decent.

 photo 3

Roberta's finally got back on track with this gorgeous Heirloom Tomato Salad with cantaloupe, panzanella (fancy croutons), red onions, basil and capers. At first, it was difficult to tell the melon from the tomatoes, so the first few bites were surprises. The panzanella gave this dish another dimension by adding a different texture and richness to the fruits.

 photo 4

Since we devoured our first pizza at the bar (hangry after all the driving and traffic), this was the first pizza we had at the table, the Summer Sinclair. As veggie lovers, we were pretty excited about this baby, but we hardly reached pizza nirvana. It was the undercooked toppings that brought this beauty downhill. Plus, I couldn't taste half of the toppings, because the chili peppers invaded my mouth.

 photo 5

Now I know what you're thinking: "Why is there a salad on that pizza?!" Don't worry. We're in unchartered territory together. I think all of us at the table were pretty surprised with how much we liked the White and Greens pizza. The light scattering of parmesan married the greens to the dough in a beautiful, cohesive way. What made this different from the Summer Sinclair was that the veggies were ever so slightly cooked, yet maintained a certain crisp with each nibble.

 photo 6

Yay this is one of my favorites! And it's about time I start making inappropriate "meaty" jokes. May I present the Beastmaster Pizza. Creepy name, yummy pizza! To my surprise, the gorgonzola, red onion and caper combo wasn't overwhelming, but each ingredient definitely marked its own territory. The pork sausage was obviously delicious and smoky. The tomato and cheese were appropriately portioned to serve as a canvas for all the other action going on. Love this pizza!

 photo 8

Now check out all the sweaty hipsters working the oven. Maybe that's the key ingredient to all this wonderful pizza--hipster sweat...

 photo 7

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