Hello World! I'm Fatty Kat.

I was born with a fork in one hand and a knife in the other. Ask my mom. I love food more than air and puppies, so I decided to chronicle my eating adventures on this delicious blog.

My daytime gig involves real estate development and asset management at L&L Holding Company, LLC. By night, Fatty Kat comes out to play, fighting crime with my trusty fork and knife, as well as my weapon of choice, chopsticks.

I love everything. Really, I do. Soup noodles, pizza, brunch, pain au chocolats, oysters, sushi, pasta, green tea, uni, pork buns, arugula, soondubu, poached eggs, plantains, waffles, sticky rice, durian, foie gras, water spinach, cilantro, free food, salads, peanut butter, congee, baguettes, coconuts, tom yum soup and anything else you can think of. 

When I'm not talking about food, I can also carry a conversation about the Yankees, travel, real estate, architecture, hip hop, hotels, dancing, cliff jumping, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, yoga, parks, Brooklyn, cooking, New Girl, American history, Michael Pollan, Sherlock, the Highline and dodgeball. 

Fatty Advisors

Like me, all my friends are obsessed with food. We are insatiable, and this blog owes a lot of its flavor to these fatties: